Argument Essay Rubric

Argument Essay Rubric-27
1: Essay is poorly organized and it is difficult to discern the structure.4: Authorial voice is unique and interesting, with varied sentence structure and diverse vocabulary.

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3: Argument is present but vague and only somewhat developed over the course of the essay.

2: Argument is present but vague and undeveloped in the essay.

The rubrics here are intended as samples, but you can vary the categories and criteria depending on your personal hopes and expectations for your students' work.

The important thing is to clearly define each category and explicitly state what students must do in order to receive a particular number of points in that category.

3: Style is fluid and easy to follow but may lack a unique voice. 1: Style is undefinable and difficult to understand.

4: There are no errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization or punctuation.3: There are 3 or fewer errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization or punctuation.2: There are 4-7 errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization or punctuation.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.You will then be sent a link via email to verify your account.1: There are more than 7 errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization or punctuation.4: The structure of the essay contributes effectively to the argument, making the argument more believable.1: The essay lacks a structure that can be discerned.4: The essay is polished, clear, and shows signs of successful revision and editing. 4: The writer participated successfully in all parts of the writing process.3: Essay has an introduction and middle but lacks clear conclusion, or has a middle and clear conclusion but lacks introduction.2: Essay has a structurally integrated middle but lacks introduction and conclusion.


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