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I thought that this same "God" was always mad at us and ready to cast us into Hell at the slightest mistake and that He was almost hoping that we would mess-up so He could say, "I told you so." I believed that junk even though I knew John stated that God loved everyone and wanted all to accept salvation through His Son.

Since He was so far off in outer space somewhere, how could He be so real?

Married Charmian Jacobson, June 13, 1942 in Seattle Washington.

Pastor Buck graduated from Northwest College in Seattle, Washington, and entered the ministry in 1939.

Three sisters: Dorothy Garcia of Everett Washington, Margarite Ward of Yakima Washington, Gladys Willoscofe of West Germany, and 6 grand children.

By Jolene Chapman: The fall and early winter of 1979 seemed difficult for me and I was tempted repeatedly with suicidal thoughts.

IT SOUNDED LIKE HE SAID, ‘I AM GABRIEL,' but it couldn't be…he has not been seen for centuries. The things I read about were things that you could only hope to be true.

Am I seeing things or IS HE REALLY HERE…IN MY HOME? I came face to face with a Loving God, being in shock and weeping, as I melted in His presence that radiated from the pages.

I thought that "God" gave his children cancers and problems to teach them lessons to make them more spiritual.

Different preachers had claimed and taught that idea.


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