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It feels more personal when you are in your own clothes.DR: Also, more of the story this time takes place in the holidays between terms, so it was quite natural - I don't think that any child anywhere in the world actually wants to wear their school uniform. RG: Unfortunately Ron still gets his hand-me-down Weasley sweaters, so I never got to experience the normal clothes.

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I saw the film with some of my friends and I was sitting in the front row of the cinema, and the last frame of the film is one of my face, and it looked like I was about to eat the front row of the audience.

It's kind of scary and a bit surreal, but I think we've all gotten used to it now.

I really like doing the work, and that is what matters the most.

EW: My money is in a bank until I'm like 25, 18, I don't know.

There are so many different aspects of the film world that hopefully I will end up in some area of it. But then, when I was a kid I wanted to be an ice cream man! What's it like being the cleverest witch, and do you think that girls are cleverer than boys in real life anyway? But in this one it's a real turning point for her because she says "That's it, I'm not taking this any more! She's rock and roll, she's girl power, she's feisty in this one. Alfonso asked you to write an essay about your characters' evolution. DR: It was a long time ago - I've completely forgotten. Would you mind, or would you want to get on with your lives and do other films? I love doing the films, but I am interested in going on to do other films at some point. Each one takes about a year to film, then about six months after that until it comes out, so there's a while until I have to think about doing a fifth one yet. EW: I'm having a pretty good time as a teenager at the moment. It's a time of discovery, of making mistakes, and learning from them. Were you intimidated with working with such an amazing cast?

Are you enjoying making these films and everything that goes with them as much as you first did. All I remember is that we ended up being freakishly like our characters. I'm not going to lie and say it'd be completely easy, and that I'd be happy someone else playing the part - it would be extremely strange having played it for what would be four films. DR: Well, I hope Gary [Oldman] doesn't mind me saying this, but since I started acting I have always been a really huge fan of his.

How do you see your lives beyond the Harry Potter movies?

EW: I love performing; I love acting; I love singing; I love dancing. DR: I've got loads of other things that I'm interested in, like music, but I do love acting, and it is something that I want to go on and do. RG: I'd like to carry on doing films - that would be pretty cool. She's a fantastic role to play, especially in this third one. She's taken two films of people being rude to her, being nasty to her, and either pretending that she didn't hear or just saying "forget about it". I have big handwriting, and I leave big spaces, OK? [laughter] David Heyman [the producer] has said that you might end up too old for the parts one day.

It made it easier to do the stunts as well, and it lets you see a different side to all of the characters.

Plus, we're teenagers now, and I think that that has more of an influence on it.


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