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Titled “From Ferguson to Freedom: Hip-Hop’s Role,” it examined how the need to maintain the idea of white supremacy contributes to nation’s deleterious view of black people and the sanctity of their lives.

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Fredrick Douglass called out in harsh detail why black Americans should enlist in the army.

Ultimately leading to the first black regiment in Massachusetts....

During this time, the idea of segregation was a very controversial topic among the c... These students became the symbol of freedom and opened up the window of opportunity for all black people, for their ancestors, and for the future generations to come.

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So long as the standard by which we judge our brothers and sisters, ourselves, is one we didn’t create, we will be crushed by the weight of our inability to live up to it.

Diversity, we define this term today as one of our nation’s most dynamic characteristics in American history.This longing for hope began to shift around the 1950’s during the Civil Rights Movement, where discrimination still took place yet, it is the time when African Americans started to defend their rights and honor to become freemen like every other citizen of the United States. African Americans were beginning to gain recognition after the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868, which declared all people born natural in the United States and included the slaves that were previously declared free. Will they challenge the inner workings of the music industry? In this environment more than ever before, they have a chance to impact an entire generation.I have made it my business not to charge black people with the task of humanizing ourselves in the eyes of whites. It implies that white approval is something we should aspire to have.As the causalities rose it pressured to allow the blacks to partake in the war.Once Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 black men started to get recruited to join the Union army.At a time when young black men are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by police than their white counterparts and studies show that racial bias is alive and running the show in many arenas, it’s safe to say that the perception of black men in America is suffering.A new essay series from Perception Institute and Mic aims to change that.However, I fully believe it is our charge to dismantle the anti-black attitudes that so many of us carry, in the service of our individual and collective liberation, and to check our respectability politics at any door in which we may enter….Justice and freedom will remain evasive so long as we treat poor, uneducated and disenfranchised brothers and sisters with the same contempt that we face from our oppressors.


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