Aboriginal Australian Culture Essay

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They tell stories of their fishing and hunting trips, of great romances and funny anecdotes.Their world is full of rich stories, of songlines, of music, of dance.In nearby towns, there are issues of substance abuse and violence.

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To not know your country causes a painful disconnection, the impact of which is well documented in studies relating to health, wellbeing and life outcomes...

It is this knowledge that enables me to identify who I am, who my family is, who my ancestors were and what my stories are.

Around a campfire with shared resources – food, clothes, blankets, utensils, even shoes – there is a deep sense of contentment, a profound happiness.

Maybe the generosity of spirit creates a deeper contentment, a deeper happiness.

How do you stop it from being a barrier to happiness? But I wonder what can be learnt about true happiness from the Aboriginal women on the outstation who can illuminate the world of the rest of us. They look to the land and sea around them and see additional sources of food.

The first lesson from my friends around the campfire is the way they look at the world around them. They look at the people who make up their family and community and they see the blessings in what they do have.

For First Australians, “country” encompasses an interdependent relationship between an individual and their ancestral lands and seas.

This reciprocal relationship between the land and people is sustained by the environment and cultural knowledge.

It is also a community driven movement towards long-term social, cultural, physical and sustainable economic development in rural and remote locations, simultaneously contributing to the conservation of globally valued environmental and cultural assets [^2].

The following article speaks to the impact and significance of a continuing relationship with country.


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