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If you don’t feel you’ve done this, go back through and revise the paper.

Chances are, you have already used quotes in your paper.

Quotations are a great way to enhance your argument while also driving up a paper’s word count, but don’t add quotes just for the sake of doing so.

If there is still time, ask if you can make an appointment to go over your paper or head over to office hours.

Your instructor might offer tips on how to better answer the prompt, and this in turn may also increase the word count of the paper.

Graders often look for traditional words linking sentences to each other, like “therefore,” “even though”, and “on the other hand.” Read through your essay and make sure the sentences flow smoothly into each other.

If they don’t, go back and add in transitional phrases like the ones listed above.Go back through that initial outline and make sure you’ve hit all of your intended points.It’s possible that you’ve left out an important piece of your argument that would both increase page count and make for a better essay.Though these tricks do increase page length, there are easier (and smarter) ways to write a longer, high-quality essay.Making a paper meet minimum word or page counts doesn’t have to be an agonizing process—you can add length while also adding clarity and depth. If the first thing you wrote was the introduction, go back and reread the first paragraph.Your writing will be easier to read, and you’ll get closer to the minimum page requirement in the process.This might sound like a silly tip, but when you read your paper out loud, you become increasingly aware of any grammatical or syntactical issues.When you rephrase sentences to fix these, you might end up increasing the paper length a bit.In the process of reading out loud, you also might realize that you didn’t include sufficient details within a particular paragraph.Meeting an essay’s required page or word count can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you’re juggling multiple papers or exams.In a pinch, students often rely on tricks like increasing margin size or making their font slightly bigger.


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