4 Steps Of Problem Solving

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1 x 12 = 12, and 3 x 12 = 36, so what we really have is (12 36) - 5 = number eaten.

12 36 = 48 and 48 - 5 = 43 That means that the number of cupcakes eaten is 43.A final tip: Look for the small changes to the process which could have a big impact on the process as a whole.Ask the question: “What small change would significantly improve the process?” If you want to read more management tips for problem solving our Seven Step Problem Solving Process is a good place to start.Click on this link to download our free, problem solving management tool: Problem Solving Technique: 4 Steps to Improve Your Processes.After that, we needed to know how many were eaten if only 5 remained after the party.To find out, we wrote an equation that would resolve the sub-goal while working toward the main goal. Obviously, we would need the prior knowledge that 1 dozen equals 12.It will also help you focus on improving those processes which create the opportunities.Next apply the systematic, structured, questioning technique, detailed below.You may want to look at our article: Problem Solving Skill.This discusses the often underrated skill of finding the right problems to solve.


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