1984 Brave New World Comparison Thesis

1984 Brave New World Comparison Thesis-9
To maintain order in Brave New World, the Resident Controller must have complete authority over more than just the present; he must also have influence over the past.In order to be able to achieve this, he must be able to rewrite history.

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People may enjoy life with technological advances, but if they are required to forfeit individual ersonalities or interpretations about life, Huxley makes us see that life will become meaningless.

In comparison to 1984, Brave New World makes the technology less obvious to the members of the society themselves.

A simple stroke of the computer keyboard can make a global change in information disseminated on a network or to thousands of electronic bulletin board subscribers.

Being able to distinguish the true from the false is becoming increasingly difficult.

” In contrast, in 1984 the people seem to sense they are being controlled by Big Brother, but here the domination is imposed on them by the government.

The Gattaca and Brave New World Notably, both the book “Brave New World” and the movie “Gattaca” are both artworks of Aldous Huxley.

Unhappiness, intellectual curiosity, disagreement, suffering – none of these feelings is allowed in the world which Huxley creates.

At the first sign of unhappiness, Soma is prescribed.

There are different classes of people with different intelligence and different “career plans.

” The social order was divided into the most highly educated, the Alpha , and then in descending intelligence, the following divisions: Alpha, Beta, Beta -, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon, which is the last group comprised of those citizens of the lowest intelligence who are necessary to perform society’s most menial jobs.


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