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Санто Доминго

1. El Mercado Modelo
Situated at an important commercial hub, this market shows off the more popular aspects of the culture. Well-known for its color and for the charismatic salesmanship of its vendors, the market offers a wide variety of goods including flowers and home-decorating items. While not exactly fancy, these products are considered to be truly Dominican. You will also find articles to help you remember your stay in this small corner of paradise: all kinds of lotions and perfumes, amulets, prayers, stamps, and pictures of saints promising love, good luck and money. Prices are excellent.
Address: Av. Mella No. 505 (entre las calles Altagracia y Tomás de la Concha) Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional
Opening hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Sat; 8am-noon Sun
Telephone: +1 809 686 6772
Neighbourhood: Santo Domingo

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